The ENTRA 3015 is a universal laser-cutting that has been developed for companies that:

  • Want to work flexibly and carry out laser cutting in-house;
  • Want to cut sheets up to 3m x 1.5m and up to 20mm thick;
  • Do not need a shuttle table and want a machine with small footprint;
  • Want to deliver laser quality when cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminium;
  • Want to keep the necessary investment within acceptable and feasible limits.

The machine is equipped as standard with an extendable cutting table on the long side. For this purpose, a door slides open vertically. As a result, the operator always has a good view of the work area and loading and unloading can take place without interruptions from three sides.

The closed housing ensures that cutting is perfectly safe.

Additional cameras in the work area provide a clear view of the cutting process.

The user interface is fully graphical, very intuitive and is operated on the 19-inch touchscreen display. Advanced features are easily accessible and the built-in intelligence allows easy processing of cutting programmes. The years of experience of our technicians are integrated in the software.

Operating the Deratech ENTRA laser-cutting machine becomes a simple and easy job!


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