The extremlely fast press-brake with hybrid drive system. Up to 65% energy-saving and 40% higher productivity.


Technical data

  • The hybrid drive sends the appropriate amount of oil to the cylinders only if the upper beam has to move
  • Extremely accurate positioning of the upper beam to 5 μ
  • Low-noise, highly dynamic machine
  • Available with hydraulic crowning or mechanical crowning Wila style, both cnc-controlled as standard
  • Environmentally and maintenance-friendly: only 35 liters of oil are required per cylinder
  • No hydraulic tube, which also means no risk of oil leaks


  • ESA, DELEM or CYBELEC cnc-controller
  • Safety light curtain
  • Different backgauge systems
  • Different tool clamping systems
  • Smart Tool Locator ®
  • CNC-controlled bending aids
  • E-Drive energy-saving drive system
  • D-STM automatic sheet thickness measurement system
  • D-ALPHA automatic angle-measurement system
  • D-CROWN dynamic crowning
  • D-MOVE extremely fast tool change system with tool strorage
  • CNC-controlled movable lower table ( shift container )
  • Custom-made stroke, daylight-opening, throat depth
  • Barcode-scanner
  • Remote assistance
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