Plate shears


The VARIA is a hydraulic guillotine shear with adjustable rake (cutting) angle.

Deratech guillotine shears are built heavily 

Deratech guillotine shears are deliberately very heavily built to enable cutting with a small cutting angle. For example, a Deratech 3 meter 6 mm VARIA shear has a maximum cutting angle of 1 ° 30' where most of our competing colleagues use a cutting angle of 2 ° 30' to even 4 °.

Technical data

  • VARIA type guillotine shears are heavily built with a cutting angle kept to a minimum to ensure perfect cutting results
  • Upper and lwoer knife with 4 cutting edges
  • Upper cylinders ensure that the back side of the shear is completely free, allowing numerous options to be built on
  • The small cutting angle ensures a fast and precise cutting process
  • VARIA shears are standard equipped with automatic cutting angle and blade gap adjustment
  • Available with capacity from 4 up to 30 mm sheet thickness, up to 10 meters in length



  • Double-acting pneumatic / hydraulic sheet support system
  • Energy-saving hybrid drive
  • Return-to-Sender automatic return from the cut sheet to the front side
  • Anti-Twist cutting for minimum-deform cutting, extremely useful when cutting thick sheets or high-tensile strength material
  • Small-parts container at the front side of the shear
  • Cutting-line illumination with green laser
  • Movable control panel till the middle of the shear avoids the operator to keep going to the left side of the machine
  • Movable front support arms on linear guide
  • Increased cutting speed, enables a 50 to 100% higher output
  • Automatic loading, infeed-systems, unloading, stacking,…
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