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The new generation of CNC-controllers for hydraulic shears is fabricated completely in house. Deratech has developed and designed a user friendly touch screen controller: D-TOUCH.

The D-Touch controller is easy to use and provides a lot of features that other brands of controllers do not have available. In automatic mode the operator only selects the type of material, the thickness and the size of the backgauge.... than he press start and the machine will be set automaticly ready to be used.

The D-Touch controller is available with a 10'' or 12'' touch screen. Also can Deratech customize to customers demand the D-Touch controller and even adding more extra functions to the needs of the enduser.



Manual mode.

Unlike other brands of CNC-controllers we have made a 'real' manual operation mode. This results in the operator can enter all parameters manually: cutting angle, blade gap, size of backgauge.... .



 The D-Touch controller can be integrated in any other brand of hydraulic shear, please contact us for more information.

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